CALIOPE call for papers (Corte y poesía española del siglo XVI)


La revista Calíope anuncia la próxima preparación de un número monográfico en torno al tema Corte y poesía española del siglo XVI e invita a los miembros de la SRBHP a presentar propuestas de colaboración en inglés o en español. En concreto, son de especial interés ensayos que pongan en conexión la corte con la poesía espiritual y las figuras de fray Luis de León, san Juan de la Cruz y santa Teresa de Jesús.

Aquellos interesados en colaborar pueden enviar un correo electrónico con un resumen de su propuesta de no más de 150 palabras a Eduardo Torres Corominas (coordinador de este número) a la dirección antes del primero de mayo de 2016. La aceptación de la propuesta de artículo no supone un compromiso de publicación ya que todos los trabajos serán evaluados posteriormente por pares. Para cualquier consulta, no duden en escribir a prof. Torres Corominas.

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The journal Calíope announces the preparation of a special issue dedicated to Court and Poetry of the XVIth Century and invites all SRBHP members to submit an abstract in English or Spanish. We are especially interested in essays studying the connection of the spiritual poetry of Fray Luis de León, San Juan de la Cruz and Santa Teresa with the Spanish Court.


Those interested in participating should email an abstract of up to 150 words to Eduardo Torres Corominas (guest editor of this volume) at before May 1, 2016. Acceptance of the proposal does not guarantee acceptance of the final essay. All articles will undergo a peer review process. For any questions, please contact Prof. Torres Corominas.


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13th Biennial Conference co-sponsor Grupo P.A.S.O

Have a look at the freshly redesigned website of Grupo P.A.S.O. (Poesía Andaluza del Siglo de Oro): Grupo P.A.S.O. is a co-sponsor, with the Universidad de Sevilla, of the 13th Biennial Conference of the SRBHP in Sevilla. The main organizer of the conference, which will take place October 18-20, 2017, is Prof. Juan Montero (Universidad de Sevilla). We hope to see many of you there!
The website of Grupo P.A.S.O. is also listed and accessible in the “Community and Friends” tab of our own webpage.

NEW Lifetime Membership and online payment options

You may now join the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry or pay your membership dues online simply by going to the Membership tab of this website. Dues may be paid using either a PayPal account or a credit card. SRBHP members in Europe may continue to pay their dues to Ignacio García, Tesorero of SRBHP in Europe. His address also appears on the Membership page. Please note that we now offer our members a Lifetime Membership option.

Bolsas de viaje estudiantiles – Conference travel scholarships for graduate students

Congratulations to Maya Caterina Feile Tomes, Imogen Choi, Aude Plagnard and Maxim Rigaux. These graduate students have been awarded a monetary subsidy to help them attend the  Boston Renaissance Society of America Conference next March, 2016. They will participate in  SRBHP-sponsored panels at said conference.

Maya Caterina Feile Tomes, University of Cambridge,   will present on “Metapoetics at the Isthmus of Panama: A Study in Early Modern Spanish and Neo-Latin Epic Interaction” in the SRBHP panel on “Studies on the Early Modern Spanish and Ibero-American Epic: Re(dis)covering Iberian Epic: A Trilingual Perspective.” Maya also did a lot of the work organizing this panel!

Imogen Choi, University of Cambridge,   will present on “Heroism at the Extremes: Exploration and Desire in Juan de Miramontes’s Armas antárticas (ca. 1608–09),” in the SRBHP panel on “Heroes of Epic Proportions: The Figure of the Explorer-Discoverer in Early Modern Spanish and Ibero-American Epic.”

Aude Plagnard, Université de Paris-Sorbonne and Casa de Velázquez,   will present on “Difusión manuscrita e ilustrada de la épica: Las obras de Jerónimo Corte-Real, entre Lisboa y Madrid” in the SRBHP session “Early Modern Hispanic Poetry and the Material Turn.”

Maxim Rigaux, Universiteit Gent,   will present on “Historia and Fábula in Lepanto Epic Poetry: The Naval Battle in Latin, Catalan, and Spanish Perspective” in the SRBHP panel on “Studies on the Early Modern Spanish and Ibero-American Epic: Re(dis)covering Iberian Epic: A Trilingual Perspective.”


In thinking of ways to foment growth of the Society and also of transatlantic collaborations between our membership on both sides of the Atlantic, the leadership of SRBHP, both in Europe and in the U.S., has recently decided to create several modest travel scholarships to help graduate students get across the Atlantic–in either direction–in order to present a paper for SRBHP. This conference presentation could be either at the SRBHP conference, itself, or in an SRBHP-sponsored session at another conference, such as the Renaissance Society of America. For now, we have managed to put together funds for two “bolsas de viaje” of 200 Euros each from SRBHP funds in Spain, working together with Ignacio García Aguilar, our Secretario/Tesorero on the European side. The Board of Directors of the SRBHP in the U.S. then came up with equivalent funding in the same amount for two more such travel awards.

The abstracts of our four European graduate student presenters at RSA Boston 2016 were vetted by two members of the Board of Directors here and by Ignacio García Aguilar in Spain, to make certain that we consider them to be of meritorious quality.